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MASTERCLASS - 3rd Book in the Decklin Kilgarry Series

“Wood’s Decklin Kilgarry Mystery Series rivals any great mystery writer! A must have in your library!” – Rebecca Malstrom

Donning false bravado, Decklin stepped to the side of the lecturn, descended three steps, then took his place in front of everyone. “Good morning – I’m Decklin Kilgarry.”

Scanning their faces, he wondered why anyone might know his name, and the most they probably knew about him was what they read in the class description, and that wasn’t much.

Still it was enough.

“Since you’re in my class, I’m going to assume you’re interested in crime. Solving crimes. Murder…”

When Decklin Kilgarry decided to accept an adjunct professorship at a prestigious, East Coast university, he never considered he’d be embroiled in a mystery staged to challenge the most brilliant criminal minds. Nor did he think he’d be in a murders crosshairs..

Faith Woods Master Class invites readers into the world of theatre, offering an intriguing glimpse into what is real, and what is fiction shaded with duplicitous drama.

Conflict Coach and Professional Speaker, Faith Wood is also a Hypnotist and Handwriting Analyst. Now the author of The Decklin Kilgarry Suspense Mystery Series as well as the Colbie Colleen Cozy Suspense Mystery Series, she lives with her husband in British Columbia, Canada.


FRACTURES - a non-fiction novel

“The pain of a fractured family is unimaginable I know, and I wish I would have read Wood’s book long ago…” – Candace D.

Narcissism • Chronic Lying

You know them – those individuals who are so enamoured with their own self-importance, they can’t see beyond themselves. But, if you’re in a relationship with someone displaying such behaviours, do you recognize the danger signs soon enough to avoid being collateral damage? When harm occurs within your family unit, you may often feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to alter the relationship. You keep hoping the toxic behaviours will change or stop, yet you crave closeness even when it harms you. Making matters worse? The offender often makes you feel as if you’re the problem. By following the stories of six families who share their perspectives about navigating long-term, negative effects of toxic behaviours, you’ll discover how to recognize them… and, how to protect yourself from a life of regret.

Entitlement • Gaslighting

Former peace officer and current certified mediator, Faith Wood specializes in conflict, continuing to refine her Craft on turbulent frontlines. Also the author of The Colby Colleen cozy, suspense mystery series, she lives with her husband in British Columbia Canada